Sneak Peeks and Sound Picks

Here is a sneak peek at one of the new lines from Glitz Design Season 3. It's only one layout I did on a whim, but gives you a feel for the new "Basic" line. Check out the Glitz blog to see more! We have a new designer this season, Katye Witt out of Cali. She is super talented, and designed Gigi, Glam, and some of the Hot Mama line this season. I worked on the Basic, Kringle, Hallow, and some of the Angst and Hot Mama lines (among other things). Fun stuff!


The new Coldplay album is out! I have been living on the single, and title track, Viva La Vida, for a month now. (I am crazy about that single.) And I have to say the whole album does not disappoint! I won't attempt to give a full-fledged review. Coldplay albums, for me, take a while to fully process. It's not as easy as throwing it in the CD player, taking one spin, and saying "I love this whole album!" as I sing along to each track. And I think that's what makes Coldplay better than a lot of bands. Every song is layered (musically and lyrically), so it takes a while for me to sift through and come out with a clear idea of what the album is trying to say. I've listened to it 3 times through, and really enjoy Lost!, Yes, and Strawberry Swing. So that's it. Take a listen for yourself and see what it does for you.

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