Shea butter is where it's at

Finn has decided that he LOVES my new mango mandarin hand cream from Bath and Body Works. But he doesn't try to eat it (which is surprising, because I think I might have even tried to lick it off my fingers the first time I used it, it smells THAT good). Instead, he comes running at me with his little hand stretched out saying his signature "Aahh? Aahh?" (If you know Finn personally, you know exactly what sound that is.) So I squeeze a little pearl onto his palm, and rub it in. He continues to rub his little hands together contentedly for a minute or two, and then stretches out his hand to repeat the whole process again...and again...and again... But if I am not quick to rub it in, he looks at me like I just squeezed alien guts on his hand, and he wipes it off on the nearest convenient surface (his shirt, the leather couch, the dog). It reminds me of the time I went out to eat with my parents, and Finn got a green bean on his finger (oh, the horror). He freaked out and started trying to shake it off, while alerting me (and the rest of the table) to the problem at a high decibel. He's a pretty particular little fella!

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Lee said...

This is so funny! Wylee is the same way. I really thought my child was a strange fellow. When he takes a bath and gets a hair stuck to his hand he FREAKS out.lol. Thanks Lyndsay, for showing me my child is not the only one.

Ali said...

sounds all too familiar. Luke does the same if something gets on him that he is "repulsed" by.