A few things I am loathed to admit

1. Last night, in a rush, I washed my face with Softsoap—the antibacterial pump kind we all have in the second bathroom with sea turtles on the bottle. Oh the horror.

2. Also last night, I accidentally frisbeed (is that a verb?) a round, cardboard coaster right into Finn's unscathed—but now scathed—forehead. It was accidental. I have a witness (Reachel?!). It was right out of The Office episode when Pam footballs Meredith in the face at 5 ft.

3. I didn't start preparing my Sunday School lesson for church today until 10:30 last night. (Can we say High School term paper?)

4. I was actually studious (nerdy) enough to NEVER procrastinate any term paper until 10:30 the night before it was due. So I must be in decline.

5. Finn has been sleeping in our bed, and last night I let him go to sleep without brushing his teeth. (There was screaming involved, and I was trying to prepare aforementioned lesson.)

6. I currently have cookie dough (2 raw eggs, and all) in my freezer, being chiseled (that's not a word you type everyday) away at by me and me alone.

7. I don't own place mats or cloth napkins. GASP! (Reachel is unfortunately privy to this, as well.)

8. I am a horrible sketch artist (but don't tell anyone who actually thinks I am creatively gifted).

9. Remember that broken washing machine I blogged about a week or so ago? Well after I took it all apart and fixed it, I put it all back together and acted like I never touched it so that our home warranty people would still fund the fixing of the deeper issues that it has (because technically me touching it voided the whole thing). *Ding* (that was my halo glinting in the sun)

10. As I type this Finn has woken up from a nap in his crib, and I am letting him hang out in there while I finish typing this. "I'm coming, buddy! Momma's gotta blog for goodness sake!!" ;)

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Ali said...

I don't have place mats or cloth napkins either. In fact, I still don't have dining room furniture, so all the nice china that was given to us for wedding presents is still sitting in Crate & Barrel boxes in our basement.

Lybi said...

Bwahahahahaha! I never would have guessed any of those things.

I do have cloth napkins, but they have gone so long without being used that if I had to find them in a pinch I'd have to use a ladder, probably.

Your Sunday school lesson was fabulous, btw. I am a first hand witness.

I am very impressed that you never procrastinated a term paper! I almost never even STARTED a paper until I was already tired enough to only be 80% conscious, and always the night before. Once I wrote a 3 page essay on "Integrity" DURING the class in which it was due. I got an 'A' though. In fact, the teacher read it aloud to the class. *Ting* there's my halo.

Excellent post. I am sooo glad to see that you are human. And by the way, Joey's little body was grown on a very strict cookie dough diet in my third trimester. (Wonder why I gained so much with him, eh?) I've never had salmonella poisoning from it...YET!

Cardigan Empire said...

The coaster frisbee to the head was most definitely an accident. And who cares about place mats or cloth napkins. You have china and cutlery with more than enough class to make up for it. Thanks for being such a lovely hostess to Andrew and I. We adore you in all your human frailties.