Around the set of 'What Goes Around'

Our friend Bryan Babich was good enough to photograph some of the big night on set. He also made the stellar carousel signs. He's a rad guy—super talented.

Mad props go to:
• Tiffany for making a cameo as a Hot Dog gal and sewing Max's righteous purple vest by hand.
• Max for being the coolest carousel attendant ever (Wes said you looked the best on set by far).
• Little Ayla for being so dang cute and talented.
• Crazy Rocky for dropping your cash right where it needed to fall.
• Bryan (see above).
• Kohl Glass for keeping Wes sane.
• Red, for flying all the way here to be Wes's first AD (right? AD, not AAA, AB, or AC...), and for putting up with the thought that I was only half a house length away, puking all night and not being any sort of hostess whatsoever.
• Anyone else who helped Wes make this night happen.
• WES for being generally awesome, and gutsy enough to take on such an ambitious project and not have it fall apart, but rather come together quite nicely (from what I hear).

Enjoy the shots.


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The Haley Family said...

interesting...I found your blog from your post on CFHusband about 'blog tips'. Come to find out...you are LDS too!! Cute blog!

Anyway...I just wanted to say 'hey' and beautiful picture of the temple in NY!!

MIMOM2 said...

I can't wait to see it! Go Wes! Not everyone actually follows their dreams! We are so excited for you.

Nichole said...

The pictures from the shoot look incredible!