On the road again

We're off! After a few days of being rather sick, we are hopefully on the mend (although my sinuses beg to differ—greatly). But fully recovered, or not, it's time for Act 2 of what my Dad calls "The Westward Stroll." Tomorrow it's down to Bisbee. I love Bisbee. I have been there a total of 3 times. This trip makes 4. I know that is only a handful of times, but I find something new to delight in each time I visit. Whether it's the quirky vintage charm of the Shady Dell, or the narrow, winding streets featuring artists' treasures and delicious eateries, Bisbee never fails to please. Then it's up to Tucson to wave out the window at the Saguaro National Forest (for all you non-desert dwellers, don't let the word "forest" fool you—it's miles and miles of Saguaro cacti, each with their own personality). Then we'll overnight a few with our good friends, the Cuffaris. Thank goodness for authentic Italian hospitality! Beep beep. Wish you were here!

Pictures to follow. 

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Emily Ruth said...

Hey, if you go to any art galleries, look for paintings by Burdell Moody (My papa). Have fun! Love Bisbee...