Tag, you're it!

I guess I have been tagged—cyberspace blog tagged, that is.
So here goes!

1. 4 jobs that I have had: Ad Agency Intern, Bookkeeper for Sherwin Williams Paint, (when you stop laughing from that one...) Grad Assistant/Instructor of Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Designer at lots of places.

2. 4 Movies that I watch over and over: Amelie, Sliding Doors, Sabrina (the Audrey Hepburn version), Once (those are all terribly girly films, but I love 'em!).

3. 4 places I've lived: TX, NY, MO, AZ.

4. 4 people that regularly email me: Mom, Jinx, Ginger (who takes the cake, I think), and Greg.

5. 4 Foods that I love: Mom's Chile Rellenos, Tia Rosas' Shrimp Quesadilla, My Grape Salsa, Tiffany's Fennel Carrots.

6. 4 places I'd rather be right now: In bed reading my new book, Euro vaca, Lake Tahoe, hanging with friends I haven't seen in a long time.

7. 4 things I am looking forward to: Swimming with Finn this summer, my cousin's wedding in CO July 5th, sleeping in (yeah right), Wes getting into AFI and heading to Cali (OK, that's a bit far off, but I can dream, can't I?).

8. 4 People that I would like to TAG: Hmmmm... TIFFANY, Asha, Melanie, and Alicia.

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Emily Ruth said...

Hmmmm. See? I know a little bit more about Miss Lyndsay: )