I'm giving a review here, folks

I know it's awfully "momish" of me, but I want to review this diaper pail. (And now half of my blog viewers have gone on to bigger and better blogs...)
Moms who have remained to read this post—don't you find that buying a diaper pail is like giving in to the best of the worst? They either have too many twists, too many small bags, too many large odors, or too many loud sounds. For the first year of Finn's life I used the Diaper Champ. It championed through the first 7 or so months with no offense. It sealed everything off with a one-handed flip of the lid, and I could use regular garbage bags. I would even recommend it up until a certain age. But at the onset of solid foods, a new era was ushered in—the era of the perpetually stinky nursery. I finally had to start taking every "dirty" diaper immediately to the outside trash can. But the room still wreaked! Every time I would flip the lid, that awfulness would escape out into the air. So last week I was fed up. I took the entire diaper pail out and hucked it in the garbage. It had served it's purpose, and I needed a fresh solution. I found this diaper pail, and thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try:

Don't you love how it's sitting out in the middle of the nursery...  :)

Ooooh, look at my futuristic sleek design.

It's called the Clean Air Diaper Pail from The First Years. It also uses regular trash bags. But the best feature is an ultra quiet fan and filter that filters out any unpleasant odors. I will have to replace the 2 D batteries and filter every 9 months for $10. No biggie. I can handle that. It CLAMPS off the bag every time you shut it. So far no smells! (Although, I am still taking all serious offenders directly outside to the trash.) Drawbacks (because every diaper pail has 'em) include the fact that it is not a super easy one hand job. You have to make sure the diaper goes through the jaws-of-life clamp and into the pail. Lighter diapers won't fall through easily. And the lid has to be shut securely in order for the whole concept to work. So I find myself shutting it hard, and it is a bit loud. I am not bothered by this, though (some moms in the review hated the fact that it was too loud for their tiny infants.) But for me any small cons FAR outweigh the stench that used to reside in Finn's room. And For $40, no one's going to get a magical solution. But if you find one, let me know! 4 stars out o' 5.

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Nichole said...

Glad you found a diaper pail that you like and keeps the stinky-ness away!

I'd say I'm sorry that I can't recommend a magical solution, but after reading your post with filled with words like, dirty, stench, wreaked and unpleasant odor, I'm quite happy that I can't! ;)

stephanie said...

good to know!

Lybi said...

Hey! This is very important stuff! I used a diaper genie and a diaper champ, but I just handle the monstrous odors associated with changing the bag. So I've been taking each individual diaper out for the last couple of years. And now, NOW that Adam is finally potty trained...NOW they invent a good one. Isn't that just like life? Cute review!

Lybi said...

Hmmm, I should have previewed that. I meant, I just COULDN'T handle the...