Gearing Up

It's roadtrip time! My parents arrive today. Tomorrow we pack and load up the car, and then it's off to Cali to visit friends and family on my side of the family. We'll be gone about 2 weeks! Wes is staying behind to hold down the fort and make money to pay for said fort. But he'll keep himself plenty busy, I am sure. So sporadic blogging will most likely ensue. But hopefully I'll check in with a few on-the-road-again pictures. Last August Wes, Finn and I took a very similar route down through California. Please pray for Finn. :) He's got some long hours in a carseat ahead of him. Thank goodness for Baby Einstein and portable DVD players.

If you CAN'T STAND that I am away (yeah right), just visit Wes's blog to see some Flashlight Finn.

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Nichole said...

Have a blast road trippin'! Give your mama a hug for me. :o)

Anonymous said...

Have fun - I will miss you! :(

Lee said...

I will miss your blogs!! They are always so fun. Have fun on your trip.