Finn these days

This is the conversation I just had with Wes after I came home from an evening away. Wes was in charge of Finn-duty/bedtime. 
(He always does a great job, I might add.)

Wes: "Apparently I don't know when it's time to put Finn down for bed anymore."
Me: "Why do you say that?"
Wes: "Because I was sitting here watching TV and I looked over and Finn was lying face-down down on the floor next to my chair, completely sprawled out."
Me: "What time did he go to bed tonight?"
Wes: "8:45..."
Me: "Let's shoot for 7:30."  :) 

Finn has some new habits towards the end of the day. Deciding to go to sleep right there on the floor when he's beat is only one of them. Apparently we are also at this stage:

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Nichole said...

ha! He is a mess!!! But he is doing a great job with that spoon. :o)

Emily Ruth said...

I am so impressed! I've never seen a kid with such great hand coordination and dexterity! (Is that even how you spell that? See this is why I shouldn't talk with "big kid" words.)