Wid Wild West

We spent a beautiful Thursday at Goldfield, the old mining town at the base of the Superstitions. Finn loved it—especially the Sasparilla! I even ate a burger. That's right—Lyndsay the non beef eater downed a burger in about 3o seconds flat. It hit the spot on this particular day.

"Sasparilla, you say?"

"Let me just...."


"Whatca starin' at!?"

"Well, back in the olden days, when I was just a little tike..."

**Sasparilla, to quote what it says on the bottle, is "the grandaddy of rootbeers." :)

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MoMo 2.0 said...

The scenary that surrounds you guys is absolutely breathtaking!
Luckily you have a photographer close by!!
hope you are doing well!

Laura said...

Finn+Sasparilla=dang cute!~
Those pics are gorgeous...how come whenever I'm down(or up) there the scenery never looks so beautiful!? Great pics!

Nichole said...

What a cool looking place!

So, what in the world is sasparilla?

Emily Ruth said...

Ohmygosh. I love this last pic. What a fun fam you guys are!