Water World

Tonight Wes and I had the pleasure of going to a presentation by David Doubilet, renowned underwater photographer for National Geographic. His work was amazing. We are lucky enough to own two of his original prints:

Wes initially ordered the print of the rays. And when we opened the package, David had included the print of the shark because the photos were printed on a different type of paper. So it was an "apology print" to compensate for Wes not getting exactly what he had originally ordered. And we were A-OK with that! The prints are amazing. And I have always been fascinated by sharks (it's a love/fear relationship), so I claimed that one as my own.

The photographs he presented tonight were unbelievable. He recently shot in the flooded plains of Africa amidst crocodiles and hippos, in a sort of floating garden of lilly pads and papyrus plants. He also shared his famed coral reef work, along with the sobering statistic that all of the Earth's coral reefs will disappear completely within the next century. Here is some more of his work.

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Emily Ruth said...

As a kid I secretly had a thing for sharks too. We would go to the "Dive in Movie" at the swim pool to watch JAWS every summer.
Annnyyyyway. Those photos are breathtaking. You'll have to tell us all about the exposition. In a post maybe?

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

those are amazing!

Tiffany M. said...

Hi Lynnay!
You did a great job displaying his work. He must also be a talented scuba diver. Some of those angles are really crazy.

Tiffany M. said...

That's a really scary shark.

Monika said...

wow, amazing pictures!