Let's Review

I've been trying out some new things these days. Some of them are really stellar, so I thought I'd share my review:

#1. Lately my face has felt like this:

So I tried this:

It is supposed to be this amazing face care line from Origins. And it is supposed to reduce inflammation and be pretty much miraculous. So when I opened it and washed my face with the face wash, I was confused when this product seemed to be fanning the flames! My face was ON FIRE. I looked like a tomato. Seriously. So I went back to Origins. And it turns out I am allergic to mushrooms. Topically. ?!? Who knew. But Origins was really accommodating. They don't work on commission, so there was so pressure. They tried a few things on me, and I left with this:

It's all organic, and extra gentle. I have a happy, flame-free face once more! To learn more about this line click here.

#2. I am always looking for great new cleaning products. My sis-in-law Kimmy gave me this delicious-smelling pink grapefruit counter spray from Williams-Sonoma. It makes me actually look forward to cleaning up after dinner.

Check it out here.

#3. If you don't like the look, but love the feel of these:

Then you should try these:

They are Crocs, but they are the "Alice." And boy are they super cute! Very girly. Thanks to Stephanie for this great find. They come in 5 colors (typical black and brown, plus funky red, peacock, and purple). They are still totally washable if they get muddy or wet, and just as comfortable as their clunky counterpart. Click here for stylish comfort.

#4. I am a die hard Huggies fan. I don't like Pampers—they have a smell that doesn't blend well with "baby smells" (to put it nicely). And Huggies pass the "overnight" test. But recently I picked up a package of these natural, chlorine-free diapers from Seventh Generation. And guess what?! They totally came in neck-in-neck with Huggies Supreme. They aren't white, though (hence the chlorine-free part). So if you don't mind your baby sporting diapers that are a natural tan color, and want to give the Earth a little break, try them out. Here they are.

And finally...

#5. Jenn—this one's for you. These are my new favorite jeans. Jeans are tricky. It has taken me a year to find these. They have a trouser flare, and despite being "low rise" they have a nice zipper length (longer than 2 inches, please), and they don't show off too much when you bend over. "Where have you been, my dark denim dream? Your flattering fit has been long overdue..." They are the 1969 Limited Edition trouser fit jeans. Gotta love 'em! Fabulous.

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Nichole said...

Allergic to mushrooms topically. How interesting. I've never heard of such a thing. Is it common?

I have a friend that started using those diapers and loved them.

stephanie said...

ooo, those jeans are super cute. and i'm very glad you like the alice crocs!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Ok, LOVE those shoes!! TOOO CUTE!

And here is a little Origins info.... it is TWICE the price in DK..so there is another thing I will stock up on before June!! :o)
I will keep a list for you for when you move!! LOL

KatieJ said...

Those jeans are way cute and those crocs are on my wish list. I am with you on Huggies- I will have to check out those diapers.