Party at my crib!

No plans for a Saturday night? Party on with the Johnsons tonight! Be there or be square.

Who: Everybody who's anybody

What: A celebration of the new year, all of our January b-days, and a newly finished backyard (there will be s'mores!)

When: Tonight!!! 5pm-9ish.

Where: Our pad. I am not posting our address on the internet. But if you do want to come and need directions, e-mail me from my profile.

Why: Why not?!

Hope to see you tonight! Now if you'll excuse me, I have floors to mop...

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Nichole said...

Sounds fun!!!
Too bad I'm not in AZ...I'd come chill and eat some s'mores.

Jill said...

Sad we missed it. Brad was out of town. Any s'mores left?