Happy Birthday to me!

I am having a fabulous 28th birthday! Wes started my day off with breakfast in bed. And here is a sample of some of the goodies I was graced with this year: A milkglass serving bowl (I am now collecting them, and this one sparked the whole idea when I found it in an antique store over Christmas—so my mom sent it from Texas); A green cast iron pot (also from my parents); Very beautiful orchids (many thanks to Camille); And Kimmy made me the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen! They are in half of an orange peel!! So clever. I can't wait to try to re-create them, myself! And as I type, I am enjoying Alice in Wonderland, which Tiffany gifted me (the mind reader that she is).

Last year on my birthday I went into labor. So thank goodness I don't have to go through that on this birthday. Next up: Little Finn turns 1 on Monday!

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Emily Ruth said...

Yea! We love you Lynds: ) And I've never met your mom, but she must be a Fab woman to have brought you to this world. And hey, you're pretty dang great for bringing the adorable Finn for us all to enjoy!

Nichole said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

You've been spoiled, thats the way a birthday should be :)

Cheers to 28!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Happy Birthday from Texas!!
hope your day has been WONDERFUL!! And I agree....this beats going into labor!! :o)
Enjoy getting spoiled!

x said...

a late happy birthday, to you, lyndsay. you are surrounded and loved by many people who care for you! :)

and a happy 1s birthday to cute little finn! (i really love the name!)

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

happy birthday to you and finn! it was good to see you two today!

stephanie said...

i'm so glad you came to the park yesterday! happy birthday to you all!!

KatieJ said...

Happy Birthday! Mine was a few days after yours- looks like it was a great day! Cupcakes in orange peel- that is a cute idea!