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Today I came across this:

It's super cute for a teen, but not for me. I do love the idea of hiding all of your electronics while they are charging. So I hunted around and found this:

Just my style! I found it on this awesome blog. (Are you sick of my modernist aesthetic yet?)


So my friend Nichole commented on this cord-keeper and referred me (thank you!) to "Woofy." I love Woofy! I am going to see if I can bring him home with me. He will play nicely with Finn, and keep all of our cords hidden! Here he is:

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Nichole said...

Awesome find!

I think you might also enjoy "Woofy"
He is Danish, and adorable... He has been all over the place over here. :o)

Nichole said...

Oops, forgot to give you "Woofy's" site.