As many of you know, I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 5 years ago. It was one of the biggest and most important decisions I have made—it has changed my life. It was not something I did lightly, and I take it very seriously. I have learned, in my own way, how to deal with the the criticism and judgment surrounding the decision I made. There are many misconceptions about the Church, and I am glad I was not really aware of them when I was first learning about the Church. I was able to keep an open mind and heart, and listen carefully to that still, small voice inside all of us that tells us when truth is present. Recently, the Church produced this 10 minute video clarifying common misconceptions, and explaining some of the wonderful things about our religion. If you are at all interested, take a look. (Click on the link below. Inside the article there is a tab for photo and videos—click on videos to play):


Mesa, AZ LDS Temple

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gina said...

Hi- You don't know me but I was looking at blogs and found yours...
I just wanted to tell you congratulations on being baptized, it's such a beautiful experience and your life will be blessed immensely.
Don't think I'm totally crazy.. I promise I'm just a little :)

Nichole said...

Very interesting video. Thank you for posting and sharing it with us! One of best friends from CHS (Oscar Cano) belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and when he returned from his missionary in Spain, Michael and I had some very interesting and enlightening discussions with him.

Congratulations (5 years later) on joining the church!