Texas Christmas

We spent Christmas this year in Granbury, Texas with my parents. It is the first time since we've been married that we have gone to Texas for the holidays, and we were super excited. It was Finn's first, of course, and he had a fabulous time on Christmas Day! The excitement died down when Finn developed a croupy cough and ear infection the next night. But he was such a little trooper (when he wasn't awake at 3am crying, that is). I took lots of amateur photos. Wes got a little digital camera (very similar to mine), with which he took lots of very professional-looking photos, of course (grrrr). So I will try to steal a few of his (or check some out at his blog: wesmanden.blogspot.com). Next blog=videos of Finn lovin' up some tissue paper.

Christmas Eve: Eye presents under the tree, snuggle, and eat home-made tamales (a Beauchamp tradition). Finn had his own chili pepper-free tamales made especially for him. Yum!

Christmas Day:
Presents galore! Not only is it Christmas Day, but it's my Mom's Birthday, as well! So it's an extra-special day. Wes and my bro, Greg, got chopper flier thingys, and Finn got a whole slew of engaging baby delights.

Day after Christmas: Antique shopping in old downtown Granbury. I usually hate antique stores, but in Granbury they are not creepy in the least, and are quite charming! We made some fun purchases, and the weather was chilly, which made me cheerful!

Home again: Wes walked Finn around the airport to keep him happy. It worked inside the airport, but on the actual plane was another story. Let's just say the plane ride ended in Wes reminding an old lady that she was once a tiny tot that was probably a handful for her parents, as well (he was tactful...). And I made the general announcement as the plane was deboarding that Finn did great considering he has an ear infecition. :)

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Jill said...

Why are people so rotten about our kids being rotten? Do they think it's enjoyable for any of us! May that woman have coal in her stocking next Christmas!

Love the last picture!

Nichole said...

Mmmm Tamales. I'm so jealous.

Seems like you had a super fun holiday in Granbury.