My boy, Wes Roy

This is Wes. 
I am quite attached to him.

He is a Dad...

and a photographer. 

He's a very talented fellow at both. 

And as of Oct. 31, he is officially a solo photographer. That's right, after 3 years he has broken free of "The Man" (as he likes to call The Arizona Republic), and he is now a full-time self-employed freelance photographer. But as one of his former co-workers said at his going away party, "Leave it to Wes to book a photo shoot for the very next day after he leaves this job." He's been pretty busy, and it's only been one week. Wes whipped up this little promo to send out to bring in more clientele. Check it out—it's groovy (he even wrote the music):

Now call and book him so we can make money to feed our family. ;) 

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Nichole said...

Cool Promo! I've told you this before, but I'll say it again. He is such a talented photographer and I love looking at the pictures he has taken.

stephanie said...

wow, his photos are amazing. good luck with the solo endeavor!

Erin said...

Stick it to the Man!! Oh wait...now he IS the Man!! Congratulations on your hubby going solo! You are both so talented! A match made in heaven!!