This is Koda. Koda is currently MIA. :(
Today there was a lot of yard work going on in our back yard, and somehow Koda slipped out of the side gate. We have 2 puppies: Libby and Koda. So while Libby was lounging in the shade, and Finn and I were swinging on the porch swing, and Wes was chopping down trees, Koda was escaping. We searched high and low for Koda for about 5 hours today. It was a long and tiring search which yielded no results (yet). Tomorrow we are putting up posters. Koda is scruffy, won't tolerate a collar and is very friendly. She will probably pass as a stray with no owners. The good news is no one would steal her to sell her, because she kindof looks like and old man (the poor dear). But the bad news is she might end up at the pound. She has a registration chip in her, and I called it in. So she is on the ALERT list for lost pups. We hope she makes it home soon. Libby is standing at the door and just staring. It breaks my heart. But Koda probably sees it as one big adventure, and here is why I think this:

Tonight after a long hunt, Tiffany (Wes's sister who helped us look) and I were starving, so we got some Panda Express. After each family member got a fortune cookie, there were still two left. We assigned cookies to Libby and Koda randomly, then opened them. I don't think I have ever seen more fitting fortunes ever. Especially on a day like today. Take a look:


We were both laughing and sadly sighing at the perfect coincidence of the moment.
Here's to a speedy return, Koda--we miss you!!

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Nichole said...

oh no!! Koda come home!!!

Fortune cookies can be so creepy accurate sometime.