Keepin' it real.

So I was just nursing Finn (it's almost midnight, so he was thoroughly passed out...). He was all curled up on my lap and making those cute tiny sighing noises he only makes when it's a late night feeding. And his little bare feet were all tucked up in that precious newborn position. I was starting to get all sappy about how sweet he was when he was first born. And I was kissing his little toes and feet when suddenly lets a huge one rip. It was loud enough to wake and startle the dog. Way to keep it real, Finn. Way to keep it real.

(The first day home from the hospital Finn was pretty gassy b/c no one at the hospital told me that a nursing mother shouldn't eat BROCCOLI and cheese soup...duh people! So my dad was sitting in the living room with him and the rest of us were in the kitchen. My dad calls in and says "Man--Baby Finn is just laying here letting 'em rip!! I can smell them all through the house!" We were all cracking up. Not your typical comment about a newborn. It was so funny. Poor little guy. And poor dad, too, for that matter! Hehe.)

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Laura said...

ahhhh the joys of nursing!
Poor, gassy little Finn......
I need to see that baby soon....haven't had my Finn Fix!