So it's time for a little Finn. I have some updates. Finn had his first bath in the big bathtub. He looks happy here, but the screaming that followed resulted in a return to bath time in our sink for now.

Before bed we like to play a game I call "Hide and go sut." Sut is pronounced "soot," and is the Danish word for binkie or pacifier. It's what we call it around our house. Finn likes to have 3 or more suts in his crib at night, should he wake up and find himself (gasp) sutless. So we play a fun grabbing game to get them all in the crib. (I am not looking forward to weaning him from the sut...)


Finn is crawling all over the house, including climbing through tough spots and getting caught in, and dangling from, precarious places.

And finally, Finn has added a new word to his developing vocabulary as of this morning (by developing, I mean 2 words). He is working on "Dada." I missed recording the magical first moment when Wes opened the car door today and said hi to Finn in his car seat, and Finn said "Dadadada!" and reached for him. It was unbelievably sweet. But I am including some footage of his latest attempts tonight.

PS--Nice job on the comments, guys! I think 6 is my record--I'm making it to the big leagues, now! ;)

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Laura said...

ahhh teasin him with the binkie..I mean Sut! Did you shave his head?!

Unknown said...

Finn got a haircut courtesy a la moi, but it's not really shaved. It's just short. It doesn't do the cute spike thing anymore. :(

MoMo 2.0 said...

too adorable and I learned a new Danish word that my tutor has not introduced to me yet!!! :o)
I got your email...and will answer this weekend!
Take care!

Ellen and Sharon said...

Hi, Lyndsay! We have enjoyed reading your blog very much. We used to work with your mom when she was the librarian at Polk. We loved laughing with little Finn trying to say his words. It won't be long before you will be sorry that you did such a good job. Please tell your mom and dad hello for us. (We got your blog address from Nichole.)

KatieJ said...

That is so cute! My kids never did the bink thing but I think babies are so cute with their "lids" as Emma calls them. He is getting so big!